FSTC Organise Corporate Responsibility Fire Safety Seminars

The Fire Safety Training Consultancy (FSTC) is running three one-day fire safety seminars this year in London, Birmingham and Leeds, sponsored by Evac+Chair International.

The seminars, entitled “The Corporate Responsibility”, provide an invaluable insight for individuals responsible for fire safety and cover the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO), building regulations, corporate manslaughter and employers’ duties, fire evacuation and means of escape.

Seminar organiser Clive Raybould has a wealth of experience in this sector. Clive worked for 30 years in the West Midlands Fire Service before establishing himself as a fire safety training consultant, and is often surprised at how little is understood about the RRO and its implications. Under the RRO, reasonable steps must be taken to reduce the risk from fire and make sure people can escape safely in the event of a fire. This legislature now applies to most public premises such as hotels, offices, care homes, hospitals, restaurants, clubs, schools, sport centres, factories and warehouses. The FSTC fire safety seminar is open to employers, senior managers, managing agents, property owners, occupiers and all other responsible persons to help gain an understanding of these issues.

“By law all public and commercial premises need to carry out a fire risk assessment. This is a large undertaking with organisations now responsible for people’s lives. It is therefore imperative that those carrying out the risk assessment and implementing fire procedures are armed with the correct information.”

Guest speakers at all of the seminars will include a former fire safety inspector, HSE inspector and local authority building control manager. The seminars are scheduled for 23 April in London, 20 May in Birmingham and 5 June in Leeds, and are available now for booking. Contact Evac+Chair for details and bookings.


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