Tolo Stairclimber

The Tolo is a comfortable electric stairclimber and wheelchair combined. It has been expertly designed to allow disabled people to easily and quickly overcome architectural barriers, all thanks to its unique drive system. It is extremely comfortable for the patient, very simple to use for any attendant whose only job is to hold the machine and press a button.

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evacuating patients down stairwells
  • Automatic brakesFor safe use
  • Emergency buttonFor emergency situations
  • Non-skid wheelsLeaves no marks
  • Adjustable safety beltTo secure the passenger in place
  • Supporting StandOffers operator a resting period on stairs
  • Adjustable height driving handlesAdjust to make comfortable for the operator
  • 24 month warranty
  • Built in battery charger
  • Climbs 3 seconds per step
  • 72 floors maximum capacity
  • Indoor powered chair option
  • Minimum step depth of 12cm/24cm
  • Minimum step width 65cm
Height 120cm
Width 49cm
Depth 80cm
Weight 60kg
Payload Capacity 120kg

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