300H MK5

Single-person operation.

The 300H MK5 is a lightweight evacuation chair which features a double handed, anti-slip grip and unique friction belts to ensure a safe and comfortable evacuation for the mobility impaired. With a payload capacity of a 182kg, this is our most popular choice for single person operation.


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What's Included
  • Photoluminescent signage
  • Wall mounted hooks
  • Dust cover
  • User guide
  • Easy to use
  • 1 person operation
  • Lightweight
  • No heavy lifting required
  • Made in the UK
  • Quality and safety checks throughout manufacture
  • CE Mark
  • Registered Class 1 Medical Device
  • Double handed grip Enhances user operation.
  • Anti-slip grip Improves stability and operation during passenger transfer or when operating the kickstand.
  • Hammock For passenger comfort.
  • Unique friction belt system Self-braking track to control smoothness and speed of descent.
  • Contoured headrest Provides support for the passengers head.
  • Sewn in safety belt Improves safety and durability.
  • Kickstand with rear wheels For stability and enhanced operator handling.
  • Castor wheels 50mm wheel improves operation.
  • Graphical instructions & user guide Easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
Product Information
Lightweight and easy to store

Weighing 9.5kg, the 300H MK5 is lightweight and has a compact foldable design, making it easy to deploy and store. 

A smooth descent downstairs in any emergency situation

Designed for single-person operation, descending evacuations have never been easier.


Ensure the people entering your building are safe.

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