Fire Stations in Shanghai train to use the Evac+Chair

Fire Stations in Shanghai train to use the Evac+Chair

More than 60 Fire Station Managers took part in training on how to use the Evac+Chair at a Fire Service Training base in FengXian a district of Shanghai.

The training was provided by Shanghai Quan Medical Equipment Inc; one of the largest privately owned hospital and furniture supply companies in China and the official Chinese distributor for Evac+Chair International.

The Evac+Chair Key Trainer Masterclass © ensures the effective use of its products, instilling confidence and safety to disabled or mobility impaired people and those operating. Delegates who receive the training can then competently train other employees within the workplace.

Evac+Chair International is the world’s number 1 supplier and original manufacturer of the evacuation chair, a universal solution for smooth stairway descent for mobility impaired people in an emergency situation. With over 20 years’ experience, the company continuously look to increase their worldwide presence and has grown to offer a wide range of evacuation and life-saving emergency products.

Evac+Chair International supply its range of emergency solutions into a wide variety of sectors, including education, leisure, business and council buildings and worldwide distributors alike.

Paul Colder Head of Export at Evac+Chair International said: ‘We are delighted that the Evac+Chair has become a recognised product within the Shanghai Fire Service. It is important in any emergency evacuation to have the correct equipment available in order to evacuate promptly and safely’


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