Ensure you can evacuate everyone in an emergency

The New 300H MK5 evacuation chair.
The best just got better.

In the event of a fire or emergency

Everyone in your building must be able to escape quickly and safely.

In an emergency situation passenger lifts are inoperative and therefore providing a safe means of evacuation for the mobility impaired is critical.

Evacuation chairs have proven to be the most safe and efficient means of escape in these situations.

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300H MK5 Evacuation Chair

Our new range utilises our 35 years of experience

300H MK5 Evacuation Chair

We have coupled customer insight with our knowledge and experience to enhance our core products.

The new MK5 range ensures passengers and operators can be even more confident of a smooth, safe and effortless decent down stairways in an evacuation.

Upgraded features of our MK5 chairs include:

  • Double handed grip Enhances user operation
  • Redesigned hammock & backrest Greater passenger comfort
  • Unique friction belt system Self-braking track to control smoothness and speed of descent
  • Anti-slip grip Improves stability and operation during passenger transfer or when operating the kickstand
  • On-board user instructions Easy to follow in times of emergency
  • Upgraded kickstand with repositioned rear wheels Allows weight to be distributed more evenly and enhances passenger comfort

*Please review the data sheets for further information

Our evacuation chair in action

The safest way to evacuate down stairways

Evac+Chair is the World leader in safe emergency evacuation. With 35 years of experience we are trusted and relied upon in emergency situations to assist in saving people’s lives.

Our evacuation chairs are strong, yet lightweight and include a number of features that make them comfortable and extremely easy to operate, even for a single user.

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