Evac+Chair International take part in disaster prevention in Shanghai

Evac+Chair International take part in disaster prevention in Shanghai

Evening view of Pudong skyline (Lujiazui) in Shanghai, China. Skyscrapers of downtown on waterfront. The Shanghai Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) are visible at right.

Evac+Chair International has rounded off a year of raising awareness on emergency building evacuation in China, with its renowned evacuation chair participating in its first disaster prevention drill for the Shanghai World Financial Center.

The emergency exercise took place in October, with the Evac+Chair used to demonstrate the safest way for wheelchair users and those who are mobility-impaired to exit the building in the event of an emergency. The successful drill was designed to educate businesses and staff on the evacuation procedures, escape routes and fire facilities for individuals, thereby enhancing the overall coordination and level of health and safety in such a large scale building.

Located in the Pundong financial district, the Shanghai World Financial Center stands at 1,614 ft, comprised of 101 storey’s it is home to hundreds of companies, a shopping mall and hotel. As with most skyscrapers, the Shanghai World Financial Center is built to withstand impacts such as earthquakes, strong winds and includes fireproof floors to aid escape. With so many individuals passing through its doors on a daily basis, the popular tourist attraction needs to be prepared for every eventuality. Natural disasters and hazardous fires are always a threat to multi-storey buildings, the best way to avoid increased danger in these unfortunate scenarios is by remaining prepared with regular evacuation drills.

Paul Colder, Head of Export at Evac+Chair International said: “This year has seen Evac+Chair International appoint its first Chinese distributor, present at the Shanghai International Exhibition on public safety and has now become an integral part of the evacuation plan for one of the world’s tallest buildings. Having an evacuation chair is the first step towards creating a safe escape strategy for the mobility-impaired, however, planning and preparation is the key to a swift and successful evacuation. We hope that that using Evac+Chair in these disaster prevention drills will continue to raise awareness on the importance of building safety.”



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