Evac+Chair International donates life-saving device for Round the World Yacht Race

Evac+Chair International donates life-saving device for Round the World Yacht Race

 Evac+Chair International is spreading the word for greater awareness of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) on a global scale, with the donation of a CardiAid AED for the Clipper 13-14 Round the World Yacht Race.

AEDs offer vital on-the-spot instructions on how to save an individual who is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. Evac+Chair International donated the CardiAid AED and a mini stretcher after learning that a member of staff of longstanding client, RM Education would be participating in the race. The essential items will be onboard a yacht, travelling alongside 20 crew members for one year.

Launched at the beginning of September, the competition will see individuals from all walks of life racing across oceans covering six continents. With a combination of experienced yachting crews and amateur sailors, the Clipper race gives participants from various backgrounds the chance to gain the adventure of circumnavigating across the world.

Cardiac arrests can occur in any individual regardless of age or level of fitness. The use of an AED can dramatically increase the chances of survival if a casualty’s heart stops beating, however it must be used promptly – for every one minute delay in delivering the shock, the chance of survival reduces by up to 10 per cent.

With the erratic conditions of being at sea coupled with battling nature’s elements, crew members will face a challenging journey ahead. Without easy access to medical services while at sea, the best way to be equipped for such a crucial emergency is to have an AED onboard.

Darryl Smith, Operations Director at Evac+Chair International said: “It’s impossible to predict when an emergency will occur but you can always be prepared. Having an AED onboard will mean that in the unfortunate event that someone is struck by sudden cardiac arrest; their chances of survival will be increased dramatically. The CardiAid AED is a fundamental device that brings added safety and peace of mind to the long journey ahead.”

Jayne Thomas, Group EHS & Product Safety Manager at RM Education said: “Having worked with Evac+Chair International in the past we understand the importance of being prepared for an emergency, after receiving CPR training to accompany our CardiAid device we were in no doubt about how much added safety it would bring to the yacht race over the course of the year.”



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