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    Every building and personnel requirement is different

    We offer Free, no obligation, Evacuation Assessments to ensure the most suitable evacuation solution is selected.

    With over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of evacuation solutions and services, Evac+Chair can assist in providing a safe means of evacuation for everyone, whilst meeting your legal requirements.

    Independently tested and proven to be the safest and fastest means of evacuation, we are trusted and relied upon in emergency situations to assist in saving people’s lives.

    Our evacuation chairs are expertly designed to be both sturdy and lightweight and come equipped with a range of features that guarantee ease of use and comfort, even for a single user.

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      We offer two training courses, training delegates how to safely and correctly use an Evac+Chair or become trained to train others:

      Key trainer course

      Our Key Trainer course aims to equip delegates with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate an Evac+Chair safely and efficiently.

      It also certifies delegates to train and certify others in the practical and theoretical aspects of the chair.

      This course is designed for large organisations or those who require the flexibility to train in-house.

      • 2-4 delegates
      • 4-hour on-site training course
      • Trains delegates on the safe use and operation of the Evac+Chair, providing the operator with complete confidence
      • The practical and theoretical skills to train and certify others
      • Delegates are certified for 3 years

      Operator training course

      Our Operator Training course is specifically designed to teach delegates how to safely and effectively operate an Evac+Chair.

      The course offers hands-on experience in deploying and using the chair while providing guidance on safe evacuations.

      • 2.5-hour on-site training course
      • 2-4 delegates
      • Trains delegates on the safe use and operation of the Evac+Chair, providing the operator with complete confidence
      • Delegates are certified for 3 years

      NOTE: We only carry out training on Evac+Chair products

      Maintenance contracts

      We want you to feel confident that your product will always work as intended. As a Class 1 Medical Device your Evac+Chair needs to have an annual service, to ensure it is compliant with PUWER regulations and will be fully operational should you have an emergency evacuation.

      This requirement is included within the PUWER Regulation. (Provision and Use of Works Equipment Regulations – UK only).

      To help you meet this legal requirement, we offer 1, 3 or 5-year maintenance contracts.

      • Original manufacturer and global leader in evacuation chairs, with over 40 years of experience
      • UK nationwide coverage with our team of qualified trainers and engineers, who are fully DBS-checked
      • Our products meet the highest quality standards and are produced correctly the first time
      • Product components are sourced from local/UK-based businesses
      • Made In Britain

      Having an evacuation chair is crucial in an emergency situation, ensuring everyone has a safe and quick means of escape, should an evacuation take place.

      Why is having an evacuation chair important?
      Inclusivity and Accessibility: There are currently more than 4.8m individuals with a disability in employment in workplaces, and this figure is rising. For those that face access barriers, being able to safely evacuate in an emergency is vital and evacuation chairs are indispensable for providing a means of escape for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility. They ensure that everyone, regardless of their physical capabilities, can evacuate your building safely in emergencies.

      Compliance with Regulations: To comply with current regulations the presence of evacuation chairs in buildings with two storeys or more is vital, not only to avoid legal issues but to demonstrate your commitment to safety. A failure to evacuate any employees, where the employer is found to have caused a person’s death “either by act or omission”, could potentially result in a charge of Corporate Manslaughter (England, Wales, Northern Ireland) or Corporate Homicide (Scotland).

      The Evac+Chair product range has been designed to provide swift evacuation in the event of a fire or other emergencies where time is of the essence. The Evac+Chair evacuation chair is designed for swift and efficient ascending or descending evacuations, ensuring a speedy exit, and reducing the risk of injury or panic.

      Evacuation Chairs to suit any building or personnel requirement

      Our Evac+Chairs are versatile and can be used in various scenarios beyond fires, including power outages, medical emergencies, or natural disasters. Having evacuation chairs readily available means you are prepared for a range of unforeseen circumstances.

      Knowing that you have evacuation chairs in place provides peace of mind. It instils confidence that, in the event of an emergency, a reliable means of escape is readily available.

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