Safe Escape For Royal Latin School Pupils

Safe Escape For Royal Latin School Pupils

The Royal Latin School in Buckinghamshire is to install hi-tech evacuation chairs after reviewing its safety policies and identifying the need for additional emergency aid for mobility-impaired students and visitors.

The chairs will be supplied and maintained by Evac+Chair, the country’s leading provider of specialist evacuation chair systems, and are specially designed to provide assistance to people who have difficulty or are incapable of independently descending staircases. Individuals with physical disabilities, pregnant women or the elderly are amongst those who will benefit.

 Royal Latin School


Debbie Donoghue, premises manager at the Royal Latin School, said: “The safety of our pupils, staff and visitors is paramount and having the confidence that we have the highest-quality safety apparatus in the event of an emergency is crucial. Lifts should not be used in the event of a fire or other emergencies and, for some, this could cut off exits from our building. The school’s investment in installing 15 evacuation chairs will ensure a safe escape route for everyone.”

Staff at the school will also undertake Evac+Chair’s ‘Key Trainer Masterclass’ programme. The masterclass provides full training on how to assist someone in using the equipment in an urgent situation and, in accordance with Evac+Chair’s approved code of practice, enables trained staff to instruct other colleagues in a flexible and cost-effective way.
Debbie Donoghue added: “The more people who are trained in using the Evac+Chair the better as this will minimise risk and improve accessibility. Regular servicing and ongoing maintenance provided by Evac+Chair ensures compliance with key legislation, and will also ensure that the apparatus is kept in good working order. It is extremely reassuring to know that, should we require it, we have the necessary equipment and skills to potentially save lives.”

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