Health and Safety takes priority at Bristol Water

Health and Safety takes priority at Bristol Water

As part of an ongoing commitment to health and safety, Bristol Water has recently installed evacuation chairs in the firm’s Head Office and its nearby Bedminster depot, to ensure the safe evacuation of all employees and visitors in the event of an emergency.

The chairs were supplied by Evac+Chair International, the country’s leading provider of specialist evacuation chair systems. The chairs were chosen because of their modern design and ease of use and will offer significant safety benefits for the firm.

The evacuation chair system has been installed to ensure anyone using the premises, who may have difficulty or who is unable to independently descend staircases, can do so safely and quickly in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Bristol Water is also carrying out the key training courses run by Evac+Chair International and recognises the importance of training to ensure the safe use of the evacuation chairs.

Paul Colder, head of marketing at Evac+Chair International, comments:
“Bristol Water is a prominent company in the region, employing approximately 200 people in its head office and Bedminster branch, and Evac+Chair International is delighted that such a company has chosen to install our evacuation chairs to ensure the safety of its staff.”

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