Evacuation Options

Evacuation Options

When advising on the correct evacuation type for your institution or business, during a fire alarm or another Emergency, it’s important to choose the right kind of options. Depending on the type of emergency, there are a choice of options that you can choose:

Vertical Evacuation 

This is a preferred way to exit a building by evacuating a stairway. All passages that are marked with Exit signs such as hallways and stairways are accessible to those who are able to leave the building without assistance. Those people with sight disabilities will need extra support here, but those in wheel chairs or crutches will need specific aided assistance.

Chair Evacuation

 Chair evacuation is where an evacuation chair, also known as an Evac chair, stairway evacuation chair, fire evacuation chair or disabled evacuation chair, is a sturdy, compact and lightweight wheeled chair with straps. To make easy to manoeuvre by the trained operator, It comes with handles and grips and designed with a type of mechanism which helps the chair to be moved safely and swiftly down a flight of stairs. The Evac chair is an essential piece of equipment in helping ensure safety in the event of an evacuation for those with mobility needs.

Horizontal Evacuation 

This is a way of evacuating where the individual is, at the time of the emergency alarm, on the same level or floor. This type of emergency exit may be needed in particular situations where the stairs cannot be used and the evacuees are required to remain on the same floor until assistance arrives. In this situation, it is required that the evacuees move away from the affected area to another space such as the end of a corridor or another wing.

Stay in Place

In certain cases, unless danger is imminent, it is not possible for an individual to move to another location. The person needs to stay in one place, isolated preferably behind a closed door and near an exterior window and await advice and assistance via phone correspondence with emergency services. Phone lines usually remain in service during emergencies, however, failing this, waving a cloth from a window is an SOS signal.

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