Monday’s Topic: Customer Insight

Monday’s Topic: Customer Insight

Evac+Chair is celebrating National Customer Service Week and Monday’s topic is ‘Customer Insight’

Evac+Chair prides itself on going above and beyond for its customers. Not just by providing the most efficient means of escape, but by educating and raising awareness of the changing nature of risks surrounding evacuation. Evac+Chair conducts regular market research to gain insight on how industry trends are changing in respect to emergency evacuation.

Last year, Evac+Chair conducted a survey, targeting visitors to the Health & Safety Event at the NEC, Birmingham. This produced some astonishing results including a statistic identifying 40% of visitors who thought their main risk for evacuation was fire.

This lead Evac+Chair to invite industry experts to attend a round-table event to discuss these results in depth. The findings from this discussion highlighted that there are seven key factors which contribute towards risk and evacuation. These include:

  • Workforce demographic
  • Terrorism
  • Technology
  • Work Patterns
  • Fire
  • Weather
  • Built Environment

These findings were then presented in a formal whitepaper for all customers to download for free. Evac+Chair has also presented its findings at Health & Safety events across the country to try and educate customers about the changing nature of risk.


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